1. Song Da drum (Moulié) tympan and mantle schemas

  2. General map of regions under examination

  3. South-East Asia main waterways

  4. Stages in the casting of a bronze drum

  5. Examples of central ”stars”

  6. Examples of “frogs” (or toads)

  7. Examples of geometric decoration

  8. Example of scene

  9. Playing a bronze drum in Burma

10. Heger bronze drums classification (I to IV)
11. Pejeng bronze drum and its “face” decoration
12. Map of Western Han Empire colonisation
13. Drums under coffin tomb 23 (Chuxiong)
14. Wanjiaba drum in Chuxiong
14bis. Drum “between” Wanjiaba and Heger I
15. Kettles and/or early drums
16. Cowry container with small drums atop
17. Cowry container over a drum
18. Dian’s tomb drum
19. New Guangxi Nationalities Museum in Nanning
20. Maijan tympan schema
21. Comparison between Beiliu and Lengshuichong drums
22. Big Lengshuichong drum with horse detail in 22bis
23. Three Guangxi drums from different periods
24. Masterpiece with big toad and small mice figurines
24bis. Reproduction of Guangxi primitive painting
25. Beiliu biggest drum ever discovered
25bis. Modern bronze drum’s festival in Guangxi
26. Map of Vietnam and Tonkin
27. Miniature drums in Thanh Hoa (Museum courtesy)
28. Song Da /Moulié drum in Guimet Museum Paris (courtesy Pierre Baptiste) 28bis. Song Da/Moulié drum tympanum
28ter. Song Da/ Moulié drum tympanum schema
29. Vienna drum with tympanum details
30. Cam Giang drum (courtesy Thanh Hoa Museum)
30bis and 30ter. Cam Giang mantle and tympanum schemas
31. Nga Va drum (courtesy Thanh Hoa Museum)
31bis. Skull found in Nga Va drum (courtesy Thanh Hoa Museum)
32. Bao Tang drum body schema

32bis. Bao Tang drum tympan schema
33. Lang Chanh body schema
34. Red drum recently cast in Thanh Hoa
35. Ngoc Lu drum (courtesy HNM Hanoï Museum)
35bis. Ngoc Lu drum tympanum (courtesy HNM Hanoï Museum) 35ter. Ngoc Lu tympanum and mantle schemas

36. Hoang Ha drum (courtesy HNM Hanoï Museum) 37. Cho Bo drum tympan schema
37bis. Cho Bo drum (courtesy HNM Hanoï Museum) 38. Viet Khe drum in a boat coffin

39. Kettle drum/Trong Chau (courtesy HNM Hanoï Museum) 39bis. Trong Chau detail
40. Son Tay drum in front of four smallest ones
40bis. Son Tay drum tympan schema

41. Phu Chang drum and jar inside (41bis)
42. Schematic representation of piece-mold casting process
43. Fragment of drum ceramic mold
44. Co Loa citadel
45. Dao Thin thap schema
46. Making drums near Loikaw
47. Frogs couple on a tympanum
48. Central “star” on a tympanum
49. In-relief elephants, snails, plants on Karenni drum mantle
50. Concentric designs on Karenni drum mantle
51. Playing drum in Kayah Museum (Loikaw)
52. Playing drum in Kayah remoted village
53. Classic Karenni drum
54. Demorso Drum and its tympan (54bis) in Loikaw Museum
55. Bagan Museum early bronze drum
56. Fish metallic drum (?) in Loikaw Catholic Museum
57. Mini-drums in Loikaw Catholic Museum
58. Drummer playing down/up for funerals
59. Bronze drum’s orchestra in Kayah remoted village
60. Drums old collection in Vientiane National Museum (VNM)
61. Heger II (VNM)
62. San Island drum (VNM)
63. Masterpiece from Vilabouly (VNM) with mantle decoration schema (63bis) 64. Vilabouly museum old drum with mantle decoration schema (64bis)
65. Vilabouly rounds of copper and bronze
66. Savannakhet tympanum schema
67. Sepon big drum with decoration schema (67bis)
68. Savannakhet bridge drum
69. Savannakhet museum drum’s trio

69bis. Paksé museum designs on Heger I tympan 69ter. Paksé museum bronze drum trio
70. Comparative tympan schemas (Heger III) 71. Kmmu drum’s prayers

71bis. Discovering Vilabouly biggest drum in 2005
72. Ceremonial big drum in Phnom-Penh National Museum (PPNM) 72bis. Ceremonial big drum decoration (PPNM)
73. Ceremonial medium drum (PPNM)
74. Heger III official recent gift (PPNM)
75. Prohear tomb reconstitution (PPNM)
76. Kandal bell (PPNM)
77. Chek Angre urn (PPNM)
78. Only drum preserved after wild finds
79. Prohear “lady-drum” schema
80. Smuggled drum
81. Angkor conservation drum
82. Banteay Manchey Museum drums
83. Biggest drum found in Prek Krabau
84. Wild findings in Cambodia
85. Thailand map of antique discoveries
86. Uttaradit biggest drum in Bangkok National Museum (BNM)
86bis. Wat Kasem Chittraram drum tympan schema
87. Mu 6 drum
87bis. Mu 6 tympan schema
88. Ongbah cave drum (no. 86) schemas
89. Ongbah drums in Wat Lad Kam
90. Ongbah boat-shaped wood coffin
91. Khu Bua broken drum
91bis. Khu Bua drum tympan schema
92 and 92bis. Kao Sam Keo drum and tympan schema
93. Wat Khi Lek drum tympan schema
94 and 94bis. Chiang Mai classical Heger III Karenni drum
95. Modern Karenni drum in Bangkok National Museum
96. Sea and earth evolution map
96bis. Monolith with drum in Airpurah (Sumatra)
97. Four early drums in the new aisle (Djakarta National Museum – DNM) 97bis and 97ter. Serpong Bantem drum with toads (DNM)

  1. Four early drums in the new aisle (DNM)

  2. New aisle biggest drum and detailed designs

  3. Kradenanrejo child burial drum

  4. Kradenanrejo double-drum schema

  5. Tuban “elephant” drum

  6. Kampong Sungai largest drum tympan

    104. Batu Buruk Botok Terenganu drum tympan
    105. Early bronze family: container and drum (Singapore Asian Civilisation Museum) 106. Lumagiang Pejeng huge hour-glass base (Singapore – ACM)
    106bis. Lumagiang Pejeng tympanum (Singapore – ACM)
    107. Two Moko drums
    108. Popular long wooden drum
    109. Sarcophagii in stone with heads (Bali)
    110. Manuaba Pejeng mold in stone(Bali)
    111. Moon of Pejeng temple
    111bis. Moon of Pejeng views
    111ter. Moon of Pejeng schema
    112. Modern catalogue of Moko(s)
    113. Moko production in Mojokerto (Java)
    114. Map of Java/ Borneo/Sulawesi and Alor island(s)
    115. Kabupaten Nekara drum in Alor museum
    115a.115b. Moko in Alor museum
    115c. Moko in Takpala (Alor)
    115d. Moko in Pantar island (Alor)
    116. Schema of successive clusters
    116bis. Phung Nguyen ceramic culture
    117/117bis/117ter. Panels of figurative illustrations from diverse Vietnam drums 118. Compared drums: dancers and birds on the border
    119. Compared drums: scenes of “pounding” grain